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Exhibitions from 2007.
Mt Lawley Art Auction 2018
North Bridge Art Space Heritage weekend 2016
Ellenbrook open art awards 2016 
Belmont community art awards 2016
Joondalup community art awards 2016
Radio interview at 107.9 FM with With Elvin Brown on contempory art and Geoffrey Hilliers oil paintings of Heritage buildings in the realist style.2014  
Show casing of oil painting of st John's Chapel at the Royal Perth Hospital Museum on Heritage weekend 2014.
The Royal Perth Heritage Society ''150 Years of art'' Featuring Geoffrey Hillier's Heritage painting of Kirkman House and the fig tree, Held at Kirkman House 10 Murray street Perth. 2013
Wanneroo community art awards 2013 
The Royal Perth Heritage Society promotion and art show, of paintings by Geoffrey Hillier, At Royal Perth Hospital May 2013.
The Royal Perth Heritage society  promotion and art show, of painting, by Geoffrey Hillier "in the beginning" artist impression of Colonial Hospital in 1855 oil on canvas building still stands in Murray street Perth.  2012
The Royal Perth Heritage society promotion and art show, of painting, by Geoffrey Hillier the "Key to administration" painting of the old administration block built in 1896 situated in Murray st Perth  acrylic on paper  2011.
Combined art show, Geoffrey Hillier, Max Gerreyn and Ken Harvey, Held at Ellis house Bayswater, 2011
Joondalup open art awards, 2011
King fisher art galleries 2011
The Royal Perth Heritage society promotion and art show, of painting by Geoffrey Hillier called "Morning glow" painting of the old nursing quarters in Murray st perth oil on canvas 2011.
Wanneroo art awards 2011
Combined art exhibition, at the Arthritis foundation, 2010
The Arthritis foundation art awards, 2009
Belmont art awards, 2009
Mindaries function centre, artist's, Geoffrey Hillier and Max Gerreyn, title of exhibition, '' simulations of a difference'', 2009
Wanneroo art award, 2009
Victoria park art awards, 2008
Wanneroo art awards, 2008
Belmont art awards, year 2008
First solo exhibition, held at the Tresillian art and culture centre, Nedlands
Perth W.A, title: ''A brush with culture and spiritual things'' 2007